Maple Bacon Lollipops!

We’re proud to say that we are the first people to ever make a bacon-based, maple bacon lollipop!

We don't use just any bacon, either - we use Bacon Salt, the world's only kosher and vegan bacon product (and it RULES). We knew it would go well with the pure Vermont maple syrup we use as a base - and it does.

Mmmmm I can taste it now: sweet, sticky, syrupy, maple bacon ... anytime, anywhere; all day, every day. THE perfect gift for a sweet-toothed pork aficionado!

*Disclaimer: The image showing an overwhelming amount of maple syrup pouring from the model's mouth is strictly for dramatization purposes only.  While our Maple Bacon lollipop does contain a lot of maple bacon flavor, your mouth will not be overflowing with syrup (as seen in the image) ... unless you pour syrup directly in your mouth - which we do not recommend.


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