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Lollyphile started out like pretty much any other company: via interstate absinthe bootlegging and a desperate need for beer money. It’s a long story and our lawyers prefer we not get too heavy into details, but anyway it worked! And what started off as a weird way to stretch an unemployment check ended up being a weird way to live our lives.

Our fun little lark became a mission to explore the boundaries of flavor. We wanted our lollipops to be a gastronomic DMT: unique, fascinating, fun to talk about (but hard to describe), and taking a lifetime to finish (really though, they take like two hours).

Turns out, lollipops are perfect for any situation - a day at the beach, a formal party, your morning commute, or even a dare. Lollyphile's team are the true aficionados of the candy world, and we’re dedicated to finding a lollipop for every situation.

Explore our ever-expanding universe of flavors:

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People Can’t Get Lollyphile Out Of Their Mouth

Lollyphile's unique gourmet lollipops have caused quite a stir. While we think of ourselves merely as humble conduits for delicious lollipops, the press has chosen to elevate us to the status of candy royalty. We’ve not gonna say we don’t deserve it, but we’re still flattered.