Lollipops for Weddings
Classy, boozy and elegant, these lollipop pairings make for unique wedding favors or the perfect accent (and stirrer) for a specialty cocktail.
Lollipops for Showers
Mom may not be able to have booze, but she can still enjoy a nice cab with our wine flavored lollipops. Plus, your guests can get inside the mind of the future bundle of joy with our breastmilk lollipops.
Lollipops for Dinner Parties
As far as we know, there’s no serving dish for lollipops (we may have to start making one), but nothing finishes off a five course dinner like the complex flavors of our gourmet lollipops.
Lollipops for Wild Parties
When the music is loud and the booze is flowing, sometimes your guests need a little oral fixation. Lollyphile’s wilder flavors provide the sugar rush you need to keep partying. Hell, put two in your mouth at once, it’s your party, go crazy.