Lollyphile started out like pretty much any other company: via interstate absinthe bootlegging and a desperate need for beer money. It’s a long story and our lawyers prefer we not get too heavy into details, but anyway it worked! And what started off as a weird way to stretch an unemployment check ended up being a weird way to live our lives.
Our fun little lark became a mission to explore the boundaries of flavor. We wanted our lollipops to be a gastronomic DMT: unique, fascinating, fun to talk about (but hard to describe), and taking a lifetime to finish (really though, they take like two hours).
Turns out, lollipops are perfect for any situation - a day at the beach, a formal party, your morning commute, or even a dare. Lollyphile's team are the true aficionados of the candy world, and we’re dedicated to finding a lollipop for every situation.

Explore our ever-expanding universe of flavors.