Here in Austin the weather is stupid beautiful. Like, it's difficult to not be at a festival. And we're all doing some serious porch-sitting, and everyone's myspace commentary is about how nice it is, that we should go on a bike ride. Which is basically perfect wine weather, so yeah: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Chardonnay lollipops!
Astute clickers of the above link will notice there's a wine mixed pack listed. How astute of you! There are a bunch of mixed packs, actually, since so many of you asked for them so many times. We don't have too many photos for them yet, but bear with & I'll pretty them up given time.
Also, you might notice that on the product pages there's a bunch of photos at the bottom of the page? That's this neat thing that our designers put together for us. If you'd like to get your photo on our site, all you have to do is post a pic of you & our lollies & hashtag it #lollyphile, and it'll automagically pop up on our feed! Internet fameisness! Also, there's a new site altogether & that's pretty cool, too.
And finally, those wine flavors? Those mixed packs? You should go ahead & type in PINKIESOUT at check out if you'd like to try them but don't feel like paying for shipping! 
Which is a pretty long update. Thanks for reading through! I'm off to go ride my bike before the pretty ends.